Single Origin Kenya Fairview Estate – Medium Roast


Considered one of Kenyan’s most extraordinary coffees, Fairview Estate takes advantage of its optimal environment to produce high-quality coffee with subtle and delicate flavors.

With vibrant notes and a wine-like aftertaste, this gourmet coffee is a refined and unforgettable choice. Sales for our Kenyan coffee support local communities, women, and youth through the collaboration of Vava Angwenyi and her B corp company.

This wonderful AA Grade coffee from the region of Kiambu, Kenya grown at 1750 MASL has a cup score of 87.0 and showcases flavors of bright raspberry, citrus, sweet & floral with pleasant lingering fruit-like finish aftertaste supported by an heavy body. Enjoy it as an espresso, drip, cold brew or french press

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Single Origin Kenya Fairview Estate – Medium Roast